About Us

MEGALUX is a contemporary  industrial enterprise for production and marketing of lighting fixtures, having been on the market for 25 years. The manufacturing and the  storage equipment facilities are located in the city of Plovdiv and cover area of 8 000 sq.m. including machines and equipment, which are a product of the latest technical achievements, which from other side allows control of the entire manufacturing  process and the quality of the final product.

The company takes the challenges of the LED technology market and develops models that perform various functions and offer  mounting methods - for embedding, direct mounting, spotlights, waterproof lighting fixtures.

A team of proven professionals takes care for the consultation when searching for the right solution. Light-technical calculations with the proposed luminaires provide a realistic picture for end  result when executing the particular project.

In last few years in order  to meet the expectations of the growing market for the professional lighting the company has being constantly investing in contemporary equipment and also is a leader when it concerns  quality and methodology.

Clients of Megalux are architectural and design studios, building companies, retail chains, manufacturing companies, distributors of electrical materials and lighting equipment and last but not least - end customers.

The International collaboration with leading companies helps the company  to keep up with the trends in the dynamically developing lighting market.

The partnership advantages with Megalux

  • Contemporary technology solutions
  • Flexible manufacturing  program
  • Everything from one place
  • Spot products
  • Negotiation, production and direct delivery to  your facility 
  • Design and visualization of light projects
  • Integrated building solutions
  • Product solutions suitable for the  budget, the deadlines and  the customer requirements