Innovative solutions

Our main goal is to provide high-tech products and innovative light solutions with general and specialized use as well as with wide application in industry, public, residential and administrative buildings, and competent consultations in order to meet the expectations and requirements of our clients.

We offer a wide variety of innovative and energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures, intelligent control systems as well as complex solutions for constructing, replacement or optimization of conventional lighting - interior, exterior, industrial, park, street, artistic and decorative lighting, lighting for sports facilities. 

We offer innovative integrated solutions for lighting, which include control and management- with a focus in the design business. With our products we can realize reliable design solutions with optimal  investment repay. The portfolio covers all possible applications for lighting within and around buildings, as well as open spaces, residential buildings, administrative buildings etc. Special attention in our product range must be paid to the innovative lighting solutions related to the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and sites for which there are high requirements and control for the clean environment. Our products are special because of their exceptional design and combined innovative technologies, high quality and complex expert applications, excellent functionality and proven technology, as well as being easy to assembly and use.