Lighting Control

In a world of limited energy resources, more attention is being paid to energy efficiency and energy saving. The rapid development of lighting technology has created tremendous opportunities to accomplish this mission using two approaches. One of the approaches  is by incorporating new energy-efficient, economical and long-lasting light sources such as LED into the lighting systems. The other approach is by using the so-called Light management systems. These systems make it possible to control the intensity of light in comparison with daylight or our presence in the rooms, as this leads to energy savings of over 50%. The control over the lighting systems is widely used in residential lighting though the so called “smart house” systems. Today, we can manage our home lighting remotely using our smart phone, making big electricity savings. Lighting control systems allow us to make a different light atmosphere according to our mood or the events which we organize.

The contemporary LED technology let to the possibility of improvement of the dynamic lighting systems of the RGB LED base. Compact and spectacular lights are being created, which can smoothly change their colors, different color dynamics etc.

Control systems are based on various control protocols, such as DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), DMX, etc.